We have two dance and exercise studios all in the same venue – The Mayford Centre in Woking, Surrey.
Our larger dance classes are held in Studio 1. Studio 2 is smaller, but perfect for private lessons or small classes.

How to get here
You can reach us by car (we have plenty of parking spaces) we are located  just off the Egley Road (A320) at the Mayford roundabout. If you don’t have a car, you can still reach us by bus. The 34 Camberley bus stops right outside the Bird in Hand pub, just around the corner from the studio.

Currently we are not accessible to those in a wheelchair or with severe physical impairments as we are located on the first floor with only a staircase for access. If you arrive between the hours of 9am and 6pm you can use the Mayford Centre’s entrance. Once inside, go up the stairs and follow the signs for First Dance Studios. We have our own entrance to the studio via a spiral staircase – a mini workout before coming into the studio!

One of the most important things here at the studio is being able to sit down and have a cuppa and a chat after a class! We have coffee, tea, squash and drinking water and all refreshments are free, however we do have a contributions tin for anyone that would like to put something towards the next pack of bourbon biscuits!

Other info
We have tried to make our studios look professional but not feel too intimidating for new dancers coming for the first time. We have a wall of mirrors at the front which can be  a bit disconcerting. Unfortunately they are necessary for correcting technique and checking alignment, but we promise everyone gets used to them very quickly.

For more detailed information about each studio, click on the images below.

Studio 1

Studio 1 Studio 1 is the heart of First Dance Studios. Its doors opened in March 2005, with its firs

Studio 2

Studio 2 Studio 2 opened in 2009 and is a great practise studio. It’s completely private with a smal

Studio hire

Studio hire Both studios are available for hire. We hate form-filling as much as the next person so